Listen: "Barry Bonds not going down the same road as Mark McGwire"

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Brian Bahr
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Barry Bonds not going down the seam route is Mark McGwire Mcguire did this a couple years ago we finally said a listen I've done I did all I did it all he's the one that Clean Slate as he headed into second career boxes seeing need to clear that we have a Clean Slate wants like no evidence I'm good and I don't think and I don't think that's a good thing I can tell somebody they need to have remorse but I can judge the myself on whether or not they have or whether or not there remorse next the way I see I wish Barry Bonds was at least somewhat apologetic because I do think and I maybe crazy on this but I do think there there's a lot of people out there maybe you include they're just say you know what I mean I'm home from a piece would bolster right Xavier diehard baseball maybe some of you're like no never I look at it was more complicated than black and white people will say cheating yet but you know what the problem with baseball was during that time was so unregulated was so mismanaged the was so he'll with with it was the union's with owners or whoever he was he was soul open that you could take this kind of stuff and have success nobody would put your feet to the fire on that it was just too much too many to The Q more arms that did not not like this happen once a batter started taking steroids in the pitchers to start once wonder was getting all the theme glory for breaking sixty one been more people wanted that's what we're were Barnes can you know stepped in you know Barnes got all of those records career home run title the single season home run record and he didn't get to craps who how he how he went down that he did not seem to care whatsoever I really wish you I really wish he would because there because when I would I like to see is somebody that admits that the team that they played was damage because of them in they just one make him I don't the Basel ever come to believe that he damage the I remember covering games in Colorado Rockies average amount him up to the plate and that's what it does mean everybody would stop that's what everybody would watch In that's that's always been the crux of Bonds is I think attitude towards on this all you really needed me for all this because everywhere our way people may have booed but they certainly stop whatever they're doing just again sided grab one thrown out there five hundred and eighty nine thousand feet I mean or watch the ones on the scoreboard for grind Atlanta corps feel I was like I've never seen a home run ever hit like that ever and yet you just couldn't hope when you watch you could help when you watch realize that you were not seeing something new and that's the problem year diehard baseball for him one of the things that you that his secret to you the numbers that means numbers don't mean things in a lot of other sports that's the come until the fluctuate they fluctuate because of error if you threw for three thousand yards thirty years ago that's a lot four thousand yards today if are different team and the same thing we've seen a lot more scoring with a three point shot after a few things numbers change because of era because of rule changes and all that but baseball the numbers of secret the carry me a new toy with that you don't think you've damage the sport I don't know what to do with the so I do wish Barry Bonds will lose his career as hitting coach I think I admire him for pursuing I really do it's hard work and I'm glad he wants to stay.