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Listen: "What did you learn from Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware?"

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Dustin Bradford
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What did you see what did you learn from Von Miller DeMarcus Ware some of the other veterans in the locker room with the Broncos since you are a second-year player home club greatness has and you know right before minds no Peyton Manning was given a second Super Bowl ruling up with all these years and that mark was lived in his first Super Bowl ring he not the team used ices I was less history in the making in selection Von Miller go out there and dominated but come in the Petes and his most almost from the guys you know bought their Geneva the way they carry themselves office hotly study the play both highly started the game how they treat people how they approach people I was called on for those things and I just learned and I was like 'I don't want to be dismissing says 'Let's go guys I have to be able to be like that I have to be able to portray that imaging give off a image of that nature in those gun also great leaders you know they taught me how to be such a great leader In runner with the captain the were was a pass to come along with even the captain in just look enough to those guys are looking at the minimum this overall if so me that you know I believe that this is if you want to be great This is the sort of stuff that you have to take all of this is the type among said that you have to have some but I learned so much from of and List can go on Emmanuel Sanders to the mix with Thomas it's all the guys a great player and I learned so much throughout the whole season from them make depth we made me a better player the person we heard so much about the meeting on Saturday night before the game and not than expected to tell me what was said by Peyton Manning into markets where but you know Coach Kubiak Rafter instead in different players Von Miller is mention did what does that mean to have those two guys open up Oh should all and speaks your team the night before the biggest game of their lives on it meant.