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Steve Deace On Abortion

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Steve Deace
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I'm so when that's been in the middle of that debate for the last several years i've been on every side over the course of my time in politics i bet every side of this tactical debate from we can only do incremental steps to incremental steps are bad two where i am now and where i am now as anything that doesn't cause us to get closer to asserting the premise of why we're pro life had life is a gift from god they got hates the is stick extinguisher given a said weiss and was severely punisher culture for and that life big it's a conception because it can only begin where it can we get the first biological step to life is whisperer meets and that's notice conception that's what it has to start it it can start any earlier than that i can start after that because that's what has to happen first and anything it doesn't get us closer therefore to those points it's a waste of our time it's it's so it's it's no i do good or is i'm at best it is a total scam at worst some people just disagree with me tactically because they have the same convictions they just disagreed me tactically and that's okay we that some great conversations maybe even arguments over the years about this and then there are people who really are pro life but this is a moneymaker and really all they exist to do is to provide figure leaves for so out republican politicians who are fake pro lifer suv will be toe subs it in april life bills in order to pass things they now have little or no matter and will accomplish nothing so they can earn their fake we below pro life badge and why do millions of you for another two for six years if you wanna know what that looks like i want to turn your attention of the state of ohio yesterday governor john case it was presented with pro life the bills now there's a a d abortion and then there is pro life in my view.