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Listen: "Confrontation with the FBI, two people were shot one fatally"

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Were in a confrontation Wifi FBI to people were shot one fatally CBS's Steve Futterman says several others are now in custody beer rest send shootings took place on a highway between burns Oregon end the small town of John day which is around seventy miles to the north MN funding and the number of is Keith all the worse had left the wildlife refuge an were on their way to John day to take part in the meeting with local residents that's when they were stopped one person was killed them and burned he and his brother Ryan were among those arrest eight in November Steve buddy the nephew militant amand buddy claims this happened Arizona rancher love why fender come to shop when blank and murder and he says during that traffic stop near burns Oregon police shot and killed move why Silicon Valley was on the ground with the fans not much information coming from me FBI which does have a news conference later this morning CBS News update I'm Dave Barrett KMOX news time five thirty to those city a pays a what is a lot about the lose more than a hundred jobs and KMOX a salad stagnant tells us the maker wishes he knew about at sooner Atlanta based print packed the layoffs between one hundred fifteen and one hundred thirty three people for march twenty fifth to June thirtieth the company told the state a Missouri about the plans in twenty thirteen but mayor Matthew Robinson says he was not privy to that nobody cause a days whether or not there's a staff and we could have had argued that make development programs and there prior to Robinson does however realize that's not the state's responsibility print back owns the building on McConnell Boulevard but its unclear effort intends to keep cell or police at Alex take the News radio eleven twenty KMOX the group overseeing the red ovation of thee Arch grounds announces that it has reached its fundraising goal Maggie handles president and CEO of the city arts river foundation says they've raised two hundred fifty million dollars which includes nearly thirty million the seed and endowment that a hope to maintain and operate the park in the future we worked.