The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Restaurant Menu

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you start in the book talking about the restaurants where you know get a major they'll send you a copy afterward about you already eight but didn't give you the word we bring you the food when that happens the words mean actually system modern kind of minimalist in that the fancy us restaurants don't give you may need we're so we did a study of the words on menus we look online at thousands of menus and look at the words and how they correlate it pretty simple with different social classes expensive restaurants versus keep restaurants so the cheaper the restaurant the more often they mentioned the would you talk about you the diner your choice anything you like the more expensive the restaurant the Morris about the show the chefs choice but tasting menu but Keeper the restaurant you could be a long Maine using imagine a Chinese restaurant or Greek diner he's a very long menus what lots of choices preview so there's something about expands that we think of the minimal thing it's like you gonna keep what the chef gives you and not throw idea what it used to be fancy nowadays