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Overnight America Covering: Quinn, Obama, Jerry Seinfeld, Suns [Dec 23 2015]

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Kevin Winter
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He'd appearing en Jerry Seinfeld web series that as any we have shoes called Comedians in Cars getting call say Quinn she you know they're pretty much is so fixed lemon tray but it would apparently it's it is going to feature present Obama and Jerry Seinfeld taken turns driving anybody in nineteen sixty defeat car that stigma in Russia high touch I run device hushed driveway that presumably of in some laughs so my way you know a leftist see if they are able to actually stop her coffee it's a little tricky when you're the President of United States but deal that sixty-three school and all that is not a bad choice an for anybody who has never seen Comedians in Cars getting coffee on a crack all network by the way it is safe fabulous series in sync she incredibly funny end its Seinfeld and some of his best friends at their best so do do we have any idea what the subject matter have their talk is gonna be i I think but these his subject matter is just Attorney General longing and Jerry send Suns unsaid but about who's pretty easy and funded be with the fund there seems to be some it that it mutual enjoyment of pool almost soft little experience so whether it will be aired will be available on the web.