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USS Oklahoma Veteran: How I Survived 34 Hours Trapped On The Doomed Ship

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 I'm really interested in and how you survived those thirty four hours and capture Wits about China, is there anything that someone said or anything that is happen in down that you think boot your guys spirits or a major believe that you couldn't would be rescued we'll talk to very positive , you've to install more, should you should can whatso bridge told me. The enormous our disaster have one issue, the first weekend to show that can the this he just talking to us, the order Doctor nerve or he was here, that are shirts happen with now or you can route is here, If you're just nineteen years old at the time where he and two young and to be scared or I was scared hole yeah annual to some of the thirty four that they got around shut up, or just room this whole through this is where the Horn, just one move still water there other survivors of the ship but not other survivors of the guys who are trend of try to know for twenty Minor to know the Romans thirty-four that were. Charts through had no way to melt consumers ten wire worry resources and I'm sure after you got out of there and thirty four hours probably seem like thirty four days in some respects but after you got out of there you must been awfully grateful today guys who got yeah did you have a chance to find him to think I'm to figure out their story north is years even one , You had what do you think you would send it had a brain right had does you i would imagine that in all the years since it's been seventy years since this happen. Anytime you see one of these catastrophe and their searching for survivors you probably one to keep on going how are