Japanese Scientist Found Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Makes You Smarter

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David Paul Morris
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Has a stories out of japan like a researcher in tokyo just finished up a study that may be one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time he found out that eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter right now really that he had when group of people the ice cream right after they woke up and one group of people who just ate all normal breakfast then they both did the same series of mental exercises on a computer on surprisingly he found the people who eight ice cream had faster reaction times and processed information better when he monitored their brain waves he also found they were more alert and calmer already you also say cooler does anyone he's like i does the asking for brett favre it's not one i want to be yeah well you ninety thinking well the cordless on the ice cream just gave them a joel and made then more alert the genius who ran the study thought of that to so he also ran tests to see where people jump cold water first and found they did not do as well as the people who i screen my goodness give me some moose tracks right so what does a scientist takeaway from on this he says he's still not sure there's some ingredient and ice cream that helps your brain or that eating ice cream makes you happy we should mental in it either way he says more testing needs to be done a reliable lining up you know the ones to trust me good this next there's a stories out of the land of relationships one of the oldest cliches about marriage is never going to ben angry now and so be honest turns out that's not just generic advice nother scientific proof understudy out of london found out that you really should not go to bed angry or you might never get over the argument real when everything's better in the morning to sleep it off the researchers found the when you sleep your brain organizers.