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How Can It Be Illegal To Fly A Donald Trump Flag?

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we heard from this last long Branch New Jersey man, who says he got a ticket, for flying Donald Trump flag in front of us house, Joe more neck says that a police officer who drove by a South's stopped and gave him the ticket for displaying the political signed more than thirty days, before an election, the New Jersey presidential primary isn't until June, but the fact that this guy would actually pull over and given the ticket seems La they just doesn't it obviously I'm going to assume this police officer is not a huge Donald Trump fan here is the job or victory can imagine wasn't too happy to get to take it obviously fits a flag and there's nothing mentioning about the lack can or any they take their party, I'm a fan of Donald Trump so was my mother which recently is best away got rest was all but she was a Trump fan i had these flags at have master represent a bad thing, and they rounding, every time they Rob, the flag backup