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Listen: "Stop on the way to work, buy a cup of coffee and a bagel, you know that's like five bucks a day"

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Andrew Burton
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Have again elimination plant you know people say all big you know the plan and that's plaintiff failed great yeah that's the right this stuff out how much money do I make how much money Blake spend then every month and what you wanna look for speaker discretionary spending he stop on the way to work be by a couple cropping in a big all you know that's like five bucks a decade we won't wind up but they have a couple call poppy that we don't drink and we wind up finishing Tampa bagels so why not go to the grocery store and buy some stuff in the week convenient stores and vending machines are already skill worse that people don't realize you know a daily weekly monthly expenses they they really get up so well further discretionary spending whether it's going out entertainment you know having a few drinks because did Tony boxing easy I do that a couple of times a month and there's a hundred dollars or more every month so happened that elimination plane applying that new founded Monique towards the credit card with the highest interest rate do not take the money and spread out over two three four five.