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Listen: "The Raptors are playing some pretty good basketball right now too"

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J Pat Carter
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About the Warriors that's when a mere way more interested in watching Warriors games I find it they played great in Boller was very failing to watch Johnny Cueto Rockers and but oh what where it game over Rafters game any day will you really let's look good the rest as that's may give you to admit the Raptors are playing some pretty good basketball right now two they are the they're they're playing really well but again after last year's in the playoffs from kind along that when he trained all kinds of makes sense I can understand that the They are twenty games about five hundred just two back of the Cavs in the East enough I would be really thrilled if we guy I Cavs Raptors Eastern Conference Finals even on a felt extend but that Timmy seems like a game Khaira theories they could have a lot of star power that would be really interesting to watch but as you say the Raptors don't have a lot of equity built up so a regular-season win is nice but until they can get past the first round and get them playoff experience under their belt it does than it does that it ring hollow I guess that doesn't I care a lot of weight so for sure not like they're they're a great team right now they're fun to watch too but that's Curry making Lake fifty-five and the shot yawn thirty sees it was ridiculous I can't help your watch status I love it limits the right word for ridiculous what they do so much for listening you think are going I need to know about two one-two four two two seven let's see one more writes is in the Bay Area return due to a Warriors fan they behave as part of a Warrior and I just thank there's too different conversation if we're talking modern very if one target modern-day rule my to guard all-time or Curry and Jordan I mean all-time got the alleged Becker I think he's so good it's all due respect to the contrary I got to put Miami.