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Listen: "He's not afraid to make big moves"

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Ronald Cortes
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Eleven when you're on the Sports down Jones Rich Keef we view All nine working away throughout his Celtics phone calls six one seven seven seven nine zero ninety-eight five or your text six nine ninety-eight five data's not to the program just like a Louis and the Bronx when he got on the Celtics tonight yeah I think that the Celtics season ended when they have a shot that the great to get to make a deal for that second play if not a great player but I think of play at the course now the crowd and no Isaiah Thomas in Nino not playing well liked him down they got on alike another player day when and not a superstar player the women in better shape yeah look Louie here's here's where I think you're right because Danny Ainge needs the balance these two things right he needs to balance getting that elusive star player and that's not going to be easy with you know not overpaying for them right light is there a guy he couldn't got now probably could have landed Al Horford at the trade deadline I would say maybe yeah with because nobody really get dealt of this done right it's true what you've had overpay and maddening he's a rental Beason is even the guy you wanna locker self-induced so that that is know that is the issue for Danny Ainge ido won over pay for a guy was not really be answer C got a You got abides are time in weight and men towns if Jimmy Butler is available this offseason I'm getting the less less and less but I think it's less a less likely anyway The Paul George Will be available this offseason but Butler Cousins I mean I don't know maybe there's a name out there that we're not thinking of them that could them on the market on not I'm not going with a late lead so the Clippers get bounces around the I'm not going with my dream of Kevin Durant right but maybe Blake Griffin you write me that's another one then you talents right now I think that's a Danny Ainge is doing but this season from eight the standpoint of making up a true run Keith this season and then the Trade Deadline and it's why so many people were disappointed and you know what Danny Ainge missed out on and maybe while characters who get all these people on the bandwagon the second you land a Butler since the growth and whomever but you missed out on a lot of people getting on the bandwagon with this team this year I think so many people are ready and looking forward to following this team and Danny making a big move of the deadline because that is his track record he's not afraid to make big moves this series out of his hands soul this year maybe.