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Nutrition Expert: The Debate Surrounding Gluten

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what about an sisters and I'm talking here about a hundred thousand years ago longer twenty invention of agriculture did they have this issue with collude and today not needed and that's why some of us are still floozy a logically incapable of handling a yeah that's a really interesting question the whole pale you know die debating is is one I find very interesting Desi argument that we've you know genetically changed as we've a ball to tolerate were just as there's been increased ability the tolerate lot tells solar of the argument that you know we just are genetically set up the digestive tolerate with. I think that the biggest very controversial but I think the problem lies more than me out a process me products that people are heating not necessarily that we are genetically set up a tolerate wouldn't be amount that some populations are you know, there is way more than we never even well finally Dan you have the kind a job that if people find out what you do every day they might immediately user like being a doctor you know they'll immediately point is something that's crossing the pain whatever what would you advise people who are thinking about going gluten-free.