Listen: "It's just like the NFL, we have for the length of this show"

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Kevork Djansezian
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Now it's a free country and you don't have to go to college you can leave college any time you watch believe me it well they should signed a contract well they don't have a union SO now they should have to sign a contract and again the fundamental write a bit of a student athlete two goal or not to go to college could not be circumvent did too for the business of athletics you can not trade won for the other it's just the NFL we have for the lane they show all in the pedestal yelling at people like one refer net to SMB not play anymore college Football disappear into your eligible to be drafted you will be drafted goal workout somewhere going alone from an agent to survive workout get drafted to not give yourself for free anymore than you have to do you want to do it because dad went jealous you are George over Texas you want to do it again and the great great but if you're just stopping in college until you're drafted in the NFL and you've got enough tape and you've got enough people buzzing about she was a potential and a full player get the hell out of there Don't give it away you don't have to go to college it's an option so get even fewer High School skid if you are you stupor star you want to you want to wait one year you could go to Europe Brandon Jennings went to Europe go to the D League If you want hang out for a year why do they choose to go to college go to college from one year visits high-profile chance to one of them suitable a tournaments the chance to play to be unsuitable a tournaments some kind of all they wanted I want to refine my game a little bit and you know what one of the biggest sports spectacle as we have in this country is the only tournament I don't be part of that Ben Simmons is not going to be a part of that unless L.A. shoe gets its act together wins vs easy title we just highly unlikely.