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Listen: "So you know one of the NCAA tournament brought them together cents"

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Jonathan Ferrey
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The first half and an with what to do with the pronounced lamp the rest of the game to not play the second out you know you I get him possibly making giving it to go but he put a lot to lift in a jump shot just don't see him being within player even if he plays so that's that's good Bureau flow for it yeah coming off the win against Kentucky I know the history between the two schools of you can give us a little bit of a primer on the on the history of the two schools and how they just kind a Disc continued their rivalry and actually what this win meant to the Indiana program well you know had met a marquee when the incidentally turn amenities and you year have you to hire heated team and missed this Kopitar and that the double double faults because they did against Kentucky that he may have knock them off This Week sixteen in every Houston the play Indiana at home winning who are what was the basis I think for the ending of that long time series just four years ago you know it ended it with you know you know that you to win Christian Watford shot so or the really like playing most teams in Bloomington but top Jon Keller Curry really wanted to do it neutral site and you know tonight gritty and so that but parting of ways and so you know one of the NCAA tournament brought them together cents so when John creamed got to Indiana he takes over a program that was kind of in a mess he gets them backed up a little bit and then they come in what goes back then I keep hearing that he's on the hot seat he really had to do something in this Turner how hot was that see for Tom Creen this year it was pretty warm especially after they really stunk it up and Molly in last two games we wonder Wake Forest ended UNLV teams that that evens you know come close to make every infidelity tournaments this year and then you homer promptly were when outright to your native she she Big Ten challenge and what they were playing any defense back then and somehow you know Monf after that you got the players to buy into player defensive played a little bit what focused and quietly turned it around and he never us the nation again to notice you know if everywhere but it happened of late community the middle that Notre Dame game they were down sixteen points in the second half with some of them all Pollock a victory and then built their confidence from that point on it been a really good achievement early run due to understated a number five in terms of being on the hot seat in Indiana isn't all about wins and losses are Zurich is are things that he does that rubs people the wrong way or is it just a week we were Indiana were used to being really good in and we need you to be on another level.