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Listen: "The more money you make the odds are the longer that you're going to live"

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Scott Olson
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Sponsored by even get near and Capriati elder of law attorneys Steven put us the more money you make the odds are the longer that you're going to live yeah vitalii it may makes sense when you think about it but the new research in the journal of American medical Association finds the well Fiesta Americans can expect to live at least a decade longer than the poorest and the gap is growing top burning Americans Game two to three years of life expectancy between two thousand one in twenty fourteen while those of the bottom gained little or nothing the poor in a highly educated cities do fare better now around the Saint Louis Metro the average age for them is seventy-eight point four years while the affordable Care Act has increased the number of people what Health Insurance some of those or signing up for policies at Domi the loss standards The Wall Street Journal such as with many five a traditional policies too expensive they've opted for short-term coverage with limited benefits even with the Federal penalty for not having a conforming insurance the net result was still lower cost as far as Wall Street go still are going to Green era share This Morning S And P Futures are positive by almost eight points Naz back ahead eighteen Dow Futures ahead now by sixty for more business there's got to KMOX dot com.