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The Inconspicuous Behavioral Traits That Make People Really Creepy

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Tim Boyle
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There are some people in this world who for whatever reason just plain creepy we all know this one person actively avoid during the day if they do things they're just plain off footing things like holding silent eye contact for ten second too long when motoring things under your rest in the middle of a board meeting or keeping a draw for all of tony up when things out there on his desk and then laughing quietly whenever they open the draw and the u now that not only nightly off putting that is disturbing those are pretty obvious indicators but then there are certain behaviors and habits that are less obvious that you do every day and probably don't even realize they your creeping people out i say that because recently a team of psychologists to study that quizzed over a thousand people and found the small in conspicuous behaviors that make you seem really creepy i feel like we're all going to be a lot more self aware an self conscious enough i say that's going to number seven standing to close when you're talking to someone closer than one foot of space makes people think that your creeping all know that person who is it talking to us anyway to post or you have to stand in elevators something and is just two people for some reason your shoulder is touching their shoulder it's in so we're demand went on those people always have bad rap yeah a number six licking your lips infrequently yeah but hey also could mean you're to hide rated meet boomer water sciences say that when talking with someone who licks their lips it gives off the impression that the lip liquor is either outlay hungry or fantasizes about doing something with you okay that's why whenever i'm in a conversation i do like my looks quite a bit but i also include a little over by you noticed by my lower in the clutch every time i'm saying yesterday yet after kid twitter kelly moment manning is more than just looking number five have wearing dirtier on and camp clubs for many days in a row.