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Thom Hartmann On Tulsa Shooting: 'This Was An Execution'

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Scott Olson
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Call us wonder why this was an execution was the police execution you know how of a guy who was on his way home from a community father of four on his way home from the first night of his new community college class that particular class and in taken that night was music appreciation you know i guarantee of them while i can say the last thing that he expected this to be killed by the police this is terrible your listening to tom hartman visit dot com for audio in video argue game thank you for the call actually being after an american in a world fantasy that's the last thing i would think of it was me tonight this will be gone and welcome back jason watching free speech to be in fort pierce for about a jason what's on your mind i think you for something like off and i just felt started watching at his gut cable tv just recently in man impressed with everything the ice on playing on the line ok nothing cursory edition shoes you know i won't drought laws on there's another the majors that's happening right now in that time on september thirtieth va will and that's what herb call curry dome right in the united states and it will hurt our thousand people in jeopardy if not only ryu out but also be enough talent when there's a lot of people is a great seven two two to withdraw from.