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Listen: This this big game got away from the Chiefs

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Chris Trotman
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Throw Tom Brady seeing cover to they had a hit should go and throw the ball into that little window before the save big it's over it's it is hard to do what it takes a lot of guns obviously has a ton of confidence and Robin cows two and seven catches Brady 3 yards and two touchdowns only gave that was the second one This game really got away early of for they know in this this big game got away from the Chiefs and we all talked we are you talk about the play calling in leave black a Virgin C and D U Dallas beat up in the two minute drill but they did not do the Navy Reid Tribe is here in Kansas City this the just not good enough I think they do enough either and tough the the spirit that a search in their T key VA quarterback Alex Smith see Mrs missed a start and twice begins a we said that early in the show kill CFO who's there hey you throw in the tight window admittedly tight window put touchdowns so are gonna give us we need the postseason and you could even make the case early in the game was July 30 saves a goal in the first quarter of bold the flight it I think it was Edelman losing their Edelman or almond and Sean Smith had a paid yeah if you holes in India at the 30 selling your aspects I was one of three dropped passes by Edelman in the first half and was set out that one should have gone the other way with teams a complex in of the game it certainly could have Patriots doing their thing we lost Saturday night in the desert Aaron Rodgers even though they lose in win this is his Magic plus why I'm stop rainbow said Aha.