With the lions playing host to the packers" aaron rodgers lions

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Which player she north title in a first round playoff game on the line in detroit's on sunday night with the lions playing host to the packers john maclean yard line rodgers has been also the slot right is that he's like you know to celebrate great the believing i mean grew with wentz with one one of two touchdown graham's for define phantoms one of four touchdown passes for aaron rogers rogers packers going to beat the lions thirty one twenty four green bay hosts the giants in the first round of the playoffs new york knocking all marking the redskins out of the postseason picture for the nineteen ten win in dc need rob alliance will travel seattle seahawks run the nfc east receive with a twenty five twenty three victory over the niners cowboys already secured home field advantage in the playoffs they close out the regular season though with a twenty seven thirteen loss to the eagles falcons meanwhile picked up a first round bye with a thirty eight thirty two win over the saints she's won the afc west then secured a first round bye with a thirty seven twenty seven win over the chargers in what could be the last ever game in san diego kansas city walking up that to see thanks in part to the broncos who knocked off the raiders twenty four six hope will be in houston next week for the first round of the playoffs houston losing its regular season finale in tennessee twenty four seventeen the pats walk up home field in the afc that after a thirty five fourteen win in miami dolphins open up the playoffs in pittsburgh steelers tuning in for the full season with the twenty seven twenty four overtime win over the browns elsewhere was the jets over the bills thirty the ten vikings thirty eight player stan cardinals blew past the rams forty four six the colts rallied past the jaguars twenty four twenty bengals bested the ravens twenty seven ten of the buccaneers in of the panthers seventeen sixteen we know los angeles jacksonville in buffalo are in the market for new head coach three more teams of join that group the chargers firing mike mccoy the forty niners a fireball to kill chip kelly and gm trend faulty and according to multiple reports gary kubiak is inform the broncos players.