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Making the announcement of investing seven hundred million dollars in our plan and flat rob michigan" trump car

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Plans to build a one point six billion dollar plant in mexico after coming under criticism by present elect donald trump for shifting small car production south of the border mark fields fortes chief executive officer spoke earlier with bloomberg stated weston and simply put would you have made this thing decision regardless of what the present elected said where you doing this because you don't need those carson made their or because of the present alike well david we would we would make the same decision and the and the made reason for cancelling the plants is our our next generation focus was going to be built than that plan and what we've seen is a market declined into man of small for small vehicles here in north america so we don't need that capacity air we're going to take the focus that was supposed to produce there and produce it in an existing facility that we have in mexico city would've made the same decision regardless of what the new administration was saying about this by because it been for only critical which into the desire sent talk with the present like in the by spurs alike today capitals but the conversation why did you get my call well first off we wanted to to let them know the announcement to we're making this morning and they were very please that we were making the announcement of investing seven hundred million dollars in our plan and flat rob michigan to build the to high tech i don't thomas vehicle and a fully electric se ve and they're also very pleased that we're going to be adding seven hundred jobs over the next couple years which builds on the twenty eight thousand jobs that we've created in the last five years so they were pleased with our part to a contributing to you can ahmed development here in the us but his mistake was a four decision it was not some of the preselected really grunts that he did this for america well it was it was what's best for our business but it's you can imagine david we look at all factors as we make these kind of decisions and clearly we see a more positive us manufacturing business environment under present elect trump we see the pro growth problem is that he's outlining and attacks and regulatory reforms so this is a.