Getting Back Up: How Greg Louganis 'Got Over' Hitting The Board At The '88 Olympics

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when you think about your focus is naturally the scenes that everyone remembers are the nineteen eighty eight olympic games when you hit your head on the diving board came back landed a perfect dive and then went on to win the gold so how are you able to keep going through to that next ivan than the rest of the games would have been because a lot of people in their habitat for the misconception of that hole in the that because they said well how did you get over at you know how did you get over that he had over something takes time you know it takes time to process to understand to analyze the fuel that i didn't have time i had i believe we calculated twenty two minutes to prepare for men that no then virtually you know with my coach while biden i said do you wanna continue and video incredible record can look back on you don't have you back on the diving board where the defiant i'll be behind you that and my knee jerk reaction was we were too long hard to get here and i don't wanna give up without a fight and a cake with a glock and so we started talking i am you know hockey player they get thirty stitches and they get back on the ai uta on edge of the near added steel and we just heard laughing in a kind of making a joke about it you have question something like that happened in all of your confidence is just rained right out of you and suddenly now he does turn a manifold look gragg this was a total fluke and you noted it was a fluke though due to their life and never happened and instead look if e don't believe in yourself lee and me because i believe in you and the pharaoh with that you know i knew that i had in his support to that how it always able to get back up on the board and you my next time it's not that i got over it it was just that i felt that if the i'd like it never existed