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Listen: "We need an offensive coordinator that has a mind like Peyton Manning"

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Ronald Martinez
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How are you hey Good morning chill mound pretty well Arrieta that I'm doing well body well you know I was kitchen you so and the first phone call then refused said you have I've heard is a Woodyard Peyton Manning unlike of course our pace Manning on from Not That was born and raised in Knoxville when you not since the coordinators that as a mind like Peyton Manning have a tip it's not easy to do that peyton Manning is that list he's not going to be a coach you're not going to be able to pick first for you can't Pam is an offensive coordinator enough to make it worthwhile secondly why is he going to work for somebody that he's brighter than and he's brighter than puts Jones by a mile offensively it lightly of love that smile in the other he made his money he doesn't need to be skated through crew the might only says a says that they have you know the says that people who've never had that kind of money when you can't say to somebody while they don't need the money anymore they've already made their money know that you can't he's never do that first of all I appreciate your call he's the said that why would you go work for puts Jones and I like Butch like but seriously why would Peyton Manning go beat would go work under Butch Jones the seriously the labor of love if it's a labor of love you know maybe you know put him in the athletic department by the way you've got an athletic to partner right now that is scandal ridden at the University of Tennessee about Peyton Manning Fred what it director or you can do that because you're afraid of a yep a twenty year old accusation the changed years after the fact it changed the details of the accusation changed when the lawsuit was involved it's been a fun week with that and I don't mean fun in a good way we'll get to that.