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Listen: "So I guess now we root for Peyton Manning"

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Jamie Squire
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And the first game in arm or would that be toward the Patriots get beat that was very hard and so you know I guess that we were Peyton Manning and so what you do so what did you do you know what I mean Carolina I mean I mean are you just you know it will be back at some point Mrs it did last Friday overplay you know yeah I do think I kind of like the story I mean I am at a pavement Peyton Manning approaches right career right so oh yeah I kind of like I can wanna see what I can wanna be what what what happened now like like a Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl what we do we could do what everyone right yes I think I don't wanna retire and that won't happen and I wanna see what you know i wanna see that drama play out but it can they're gonna be around for a while I think that you know I think it would be a rubber while also managing to the end of the south in general Leake i got to really quick six million people to camp with speed and good morning that that whole that's so this is all of Mississippi drop the injury on a little bit so they're in New York City up let's talk about going right now I'm on the phone with Bob the kind of Ali who's on vinyl the premieres on on on Valentine's night it known pm eastern time that sounds fantastic Winslow coaches in the slugger being a part of this thing.