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Listen: "Second only to European football of course"

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Rob Carr
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To placate despite due to the worst will be the bat flips it's just war sheep of more money out was YAC and he certainly has gotten so bad of those things lately Bryant some of its top especially dealing with domestic violence and sex crime right In very proactive they're all on the seat he see teach his me issue as well there being more proactive and this they're going to be miss steps along the way it's how do you make up and and and you know move forward from those mistakes no once perfect and he's making his own mother's a ton of money he's continually growing the brand now on the look and across the pond in London who knows what's going to come down the pie you know here are down the road because of the guy continues to grow the brand and it's the number one sport on the planet second only to European football of course but it's the biggest bore we have here in America right now no one him a close second maybe college football but it's just amazing how big it it's gotten a continues to grow so you know I'm more apt to be a good being that would pay him even more because of the sport keeps increase seeing it and getting better and more popular Gagne was paid more than thirty four million I wouldn't even bad diet that because I know the numbers because numbers that you see for advertising dollars an East TB deals and they did not much more money to going to generate now with the Rams and possibly the charges going our way and think about the split.