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What Searching Through The Aftermath Of 9/11 With A Rescue Dog Was Like

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FEMA Jose Jimenez/Primera Hora Mario Tama
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World Trade Center, we needed to make sure that, my gosh how does have with you that they, Jenner, well is that like all that experience like them as well, center, Karen, go, oh an emotional experience we that all day, oh my, or, out of that, a would rotate home somebody else with coming in all okay okay wealthy had some success for that incident, working can around, and really, i may find so it's an it's an easier way for we human. Okay people, the person, more than, to the capable really, it really help, responders, wow okay well like this I'm asking is the dogs that are with you on hope it will get caught in a process they're, yeah, so I remember thinking we it didn't working ten years at that time on, and training and, the, well and it they were not hurt, training program that's amazing near the let's linear memorable proud moments with the dogs that you personally trained, search that, so with gender, but, he