Why Ted Cruz Won't Be Able To Reach 1237 Delegates

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based on the current situations Ted Cruz is gonna be knocked out of the race by April twenty-six, this I did little homework. Over the weekend, and that based on current delegate counts and poll numbers, I predicted Cruz is going to be mathematically unable to get the Magic number of twelve thirty seven, required by April by the end of April April, twenty-six it's going to be clear that Cruz's no chance, averaging twelve thirty seven the number of delegates needed to win the nomination, and so it's only three weeks away and he's going to be, mathematically eliminated so you have to candidates are mathematically eliminated, a still running for president in May and June cut a ridiculous but it is what it is, Steven Chesapeake you're on the air, and the morning Mr. Federer ex welcome back thank you know, [Music], wondering you know, things went with family you know when you're around The House all at least not used to it, it's a lot as of This is there's Sammy day I can't live yes that Sammy gate going on our neighborhood as much a Facebook, post, you know we get Saudi sneaks out, what's while in them, [Music] many The