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College Basketball

Listen: "Sunday was certainly an exciting conclusion to the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament"

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Mike Carlson
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Coming up next he covers college basketball as he Double a tournament talk on the other side the Boston Red synonymous with here sports your NBC Sports Radio update starts Sunday was certainly an exciting conclusion to the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament the eleventh seed in the West Northern Iowa blew a twelve point lead with forty-four seconds left the eventually fell in double overtime to The three seed Texas a M ninety-two to eighty-eight elsewhere Notre Dame with that Tipping defeated Steve enough Boston's seventy-six to seventy-five Wisconsin gets a Buzzer Beater authority to defeat the Xavier sixty-six the sixty-three also moving on to the Sweet Sixteen the number one seed in the West Oregon number two seed in the South Miller Nova two seed in the West Oklahoma the five seed in the South Maryland and the tenth seed in the Midwest Syracuse the Sweet Sixteen will begin on Thursday NBA on Sunday the Pelicans beat the Clippers won all nine to won all five in New Orleans as shutdown Anthony Davis for the remainder of the season is a torn labor minutes left shoulder and a left knee injury the Pelicans announced you wonder go procedures to correct poll got Seidenberg NBC Sports Radio you know you're scores on NBC Sports Radio dot com last night Sheryl Logging made her status and moms out there Miller could Stuart for Twins Chicago before it got ten likes and eight contests guy go also has a comment Sheryl well we don't know which stroller you should go with we do know that in as little as fifteen minutes you can save hundreds of dollars in your car insurance just by switching to back up and with that money you can buy the swipe Houston rides for your time to do it Cruz around it read on down the body journey into hash tag Twins past Tags Davies died it being minutes Quinn safety fifteen percent or more on car.