Here's How The Idea And Support For The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Washington DC Got Started

Speaker- Robert (bob) Doubek, Lawyer and Air force intelligence officer Veteran who helped the Vietnam Memorial idea come to life

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I can't, sixty nine , the law school graduate, and I could crawl into my services, so what to meeting, call two, no we don't need a more, but it struck me something, that so up to, and so we get it we, contract for it, the public, no, from a man, Washington, high school, all, University, that, the country expressed acknowledgment and recognition, creating Memorial and of course, you know so, and I was so yeah in about what what you with his people, seventy nine so nineteen seventy nine the mood in the nation in regard to veterans active duty et cetera have changed the much from seventy four seventy five at the end of it number two the following few years, We , that was, mission, and, put it to work together, so the gap, and we begin to get a lot of, majority leader, and when we started, you might, it's manner we started but mailing, one of the mail, very strong, right, boy people who supported the cancer society and the left and left goes right goes not included in, army was the sentiment there for the left coast and right post you know California New York, i don't know, that was a little, okay culture so one of the questions that really emerges and we're talking with a but do back don't talk about his book in a moment but the design of the memorial we've if we all seen it every I had not that has not as it yeah