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Despite Differences, Mike Pence Defends 'Big Man' Donald Trump After Video Release

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Aaron P. Bernstein
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Also trump said he will not releases tax returns or produce evidence they are as he often it's an honor the irs on a major garrett following the campaign major thank you will not even trumps running mate is running in lockstep steen runnells governor pence who two days ago said donald trump screwed comments on his relations with women were in defensible today defended the man who made them you know it takes a big man to know what he's wrong and to admit it and headed humility to apologize nd transparent and the vollmer bond with people and donald trump last night showed that he's a big match while sources told cbs news pence was apoplectic after the tape was released on friday this morning he told interviewer is trot was guilty of little more than a poor choice of words donald trump made it clear that those were words only words last night that he had engaged in any of that behavior are not believing we had something about policy gap between the two opened up last night on syria dealing from scully rejecting pence's call for us military action against the russian back assad regime for attacking its own people he and i have unspoken i disagree the usual.