Listen: "He's a former Bullpen guy, the New York Mets"

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Jamie Squire
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That if they make a change and bring in J. B. Bickerstaff maybe better off with Kevin McHale right now there's no doubt about that so there's the story involving Henry Mickey a now he inspires a new Power Rankings list many get to that in a second but the story with Henry Mayhew he's a former bullpen guide the New York Mets he's a reliever and he's been banned for life for life like the end W L right we've gone forever because the failed three different doping tests bailed three performance-enhancing drug test and so he's gone got a lifetime ban he told the New York Times that he is the victim of a conspiracy that's right he admitted that he was guilty of the first offense OK I admit it first pest I was on me however the second to completely fabric hated according to Henry Mayhew through a translator says that and they'll be set him up but the other two failed tests because they were trying to get information about his drug connection that's what he says let me get the straight Major League Baseball it's a lot about to fail drug test is making it up completely fabric.