Listen: "The NBA the Thunder took advantage of a Spurs West night for the Bounce San Antonio won eleven ninety-two"

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Joe Robbins
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So wins you know my teammates I mean this Vikes now it with a seven year shut women not a bit my teammates did a good job formula tonight was that the non example hung on The over sort of The Oklahoman villain open Houston next week he will Yohe of the bracket that's later today top seed North Carolina hooking up with Notre Dame while Virginia will battle ten feet at Syracuse after initially than nine he said anything at the time Coach K's issued an apology saying in part he acted incredibly well admitted he told Oregon forward Dylan Brooks was too good for that kind of thing referring to the showboating again the Ducks blowout win over to the NBA the Thunder took advantage of a Spurs West night for the Bounce San Antonio won eleven ninety-two thirty-one points Russell Westbrook twenty-nine why letter missed his second straight game with a bruised quad Tim Duncan Tony Parker LaMarcus Aldridge monitor nobody else that nowhere to get some rest now's for the Cavs wreck the next one oh seven ninety-three LeBron James to tripple double twenty seven points eleven boards ten assists he was ninety-three before the Pistons won twelve ninety-five one eleven of thirteen also snapped a five game win streak Hornets role the Bucs one fifteen ninety-one Celtics as the Suns one oh two ninety-nine rafters but the Pelicans one fifteen ninety-one the Bulls were eleven eighty-nine offense for the Pacers won twenty-one ten places withstood the Sixers one await one of five the mark ability we're talking tournaments all monthlong expect to hear CBS Sports Radio.