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Is Your High School Persona Affecting Your Political Preferences?

Lisa Belkin of Yahoo News explains how our social experience in high school, affects the popularity of Trump and Clinton.

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the way we perceive Clinton Trump, it really comes from our own high school experience can re so we were formative in high school when he likes to think about stuff but every about him but we were squandered an eye, N.B.A., off Court, a studies, that show that the whole were you were in hopes of one might be one or two on , the top and get my over week you were in high, but the less likely, should get Barry as racked up, and it, what we think of ourselves, what we think of a beer, people, was one that commitment with heightened and caught upside backward and you know, we were fifteen sixteen seventeen years old she ended, we rocked the group's back in high school that's the way the peak of a Western pouring in the works as it wants to find other people like them down that weekend off the line or so and I don't bacon well, and the good that people who like that likely to not, like, Apps, and so that's what at a Western skill if they find their grips to gain and, still doing that, though he'll go Allen in to the world as an adult voter, and you will attract didn't lose, that's eight, two people who are what you know what, like the Parisian the future of that you've way that player and you have the number, two people who are not what should that people look you know knew, we're not your Pete, back then, and we got to architects clear whip that in a good goal, , John and didn't have internet with, all, you never age and, we didn't work, you don't show well with us, yeah, yeah credit and that's that thats, at least in some part if not a large part the reason for their own a favor ability having unfavorable out, the win and it's because we just don't know me again the voters but it was not a night well but, N.B.A., although it, like I go eighth in general our would win attention I can people who I can go,