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Listen: "The best thing for the Warriors, would be to get passed the Blazors"

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Thearon W. Henderson
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Easy office worsened the more the flow and when it would do that then that's that's when we're at our best for the team you know it's amazing for stepping carry if he is one of the most likable superstars in any sport it's not just him I think it's the Golden State Warriors and I said this all season-long and I remember having a conversation that it was on my Saturday show and we were talking about the Golden State Warriors and their quest for the undefeated record I guess at the start of the season's what we were talking about and I have brought up there more people root for the Golden State Warriors day in root against that and you don't see that with top teams you don't see that with top players usually people route against the best teams people don't like to root for the top teams there's always Dylan this aspect of being the best look at LeBron James you know the Miami Heat were the best team in the league people love to hate them in baby but that was different because the Big Three in the way they came together but just in general people don't like the top teams when the Yankees what it while the World Series nobody like them the New England Patriots are all Finn Public Enemy number one and maybe there's other reasons for that too but people don't usually like the top teams the best teams but I happened to think that the Golden State Warriors are the most White couple team in all of sports I don't see anybody rooting against them I think.