'First A Doctor, Then A Soldier': WWII POW Survivor Tells The Story Of Porky Pig

WWII veteran Frank Donia shares a story about the German doctor who treated him when he was a POW.

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I have a doctor, that is, took care of mine, and most of offense, the other soldiers who inches, and, well it all Americans, he's always liked to, this gift somebody of twenty name you know character name is only called import keep its , stuff, , and he actually was a very, compassionate, doctor Mets, and so he would walk into the room while we were all you know talking all the little scrambles so forgive me know when to give any of it shifted from where there and he scored his seventh start, another reason, I couldn't care for him or whatever I don't know what the sensed stuff, then he says, even further now feels that you know he says, first I am month author and then all Soldier, sometimes, so yes, but made us feel little little better every Newton voiced their best-of-five, that doctor operated on Frank's way, he needs to be in, operating room, all fans wanted the Stich might, because it was just a little thing flesh Leafs, and it's it's so I I was on the table, and he heard of, tin can note ether, I guess he was going to give me from ether, and this terse officer was again, and the essence, shopping research is what you're doing, and he told them, pitchers had him even if there were so he can switch my legs, and this ss officer, Thursday night in some places that on those American picked, you know, well there supplies for limited their didn't have much, , so, there's has also walked out of the room, and he looks good to me you would tears in his eyes, and it's tough to know Tony shows I'm sorry shows up not prepared, if you were named serve, so pursuit of the Stich my own to give me six pitches, bought, every time we've thought that enabled in my leg him he fared matchup tear coming down his life, but he didn't Noles that I didn't feel of things, the Vick was known for, from through injury,