Listen: "You don't have to like the way they do the things that they do but the football in it of itself is something that's being under attack"

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Doug Pensinger
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From the sport you can not like the way the NBA is run but still love basketball you can still love baseball but not like things Major League Baseball is doing to it same thing with the NFL you don't have to like the way they do the things that they do but the football it in up itself it's something that's being under attack and you can really feel like I have more and more conversations with people all the time about whether or not their kids are going to play at the next level my simply middle school football he is not a football player he wanted to play one year he didn't grow up playing and pop warner or anything like that he's just a little tall for is ages guy speed and coaches in GM wanted to gauge his interest he's he's also getting six one my son and he's an eighth grade so they wanted to see how would you like to play football and it my kids school football is a sport you don't really even after trying out for new Vick they just barely put that have enough people to fill the roster and so he was on the bench for most of the season he played a few games on special teams but if you snaps on defense but he loved it he'd like to get better at it you'd like to continue to play my wife and I have this conversation all the time she is not comfortable why in this day and age this sport is getting highly scrutinized here's Peyton Manning god Bless football I Revere football if you're the unofficial this is this is your spokesman this is your spokesman This is the guide to go and talk to moms this is a guy that can do ads for the sport for mother's to start getting their kids involved in the game somehow I know you've heard me say this a number of times but I mean look in the last couple years I saw the NFL do something I never seen a lead to do and that is put out BZ promoting the safety of their support I never she leagues do this baseball never had to do this basketball.