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Why Were Russian Athletes Banned From Rio Olympics? An Explainer

Jules Boykoff is author of 'Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics' and is currently a teacher of political science at Pacific University in Oregon.

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we invite you to join us at to face sixth two thousand and one one eight six six nine nine W. or if you have questions, Cole, comments so, before we get back to who some history which we definitely want to Hill about I just want to talk about some all aspects of, they Rio Games, , let's talk about don't being on the Hall, a Rusher and Billy gay share in what's what's going on with that, share well recently a track Federation may have led upset or ration, up without a report all the McLaren a poor, which points to hear it crop of board date thanks in doping in Russia, among athletes that it try to reach a little bit like it games behind novel and a Cold War Two point post up with him, I think I hope of your in clean and thirty through holes in the walls and all that, so the Russians were apparently caught for doing that and it was just a matter, , so, they were they take leave it at that, I was speed in actual epic me with prevented with a very difficult decision what to do about it, and the big guided just recently in a pap sweep opponents responsibility, to the individual sport Federation's to like the one thing Federation order, yeah let it better rationed out speaking out, they individually decide whether the Russian athletes will be allowed to participate and that is in that was really rippling with contradiction because, the International up a committee certainly want to stop doping elite that's what they say, but they also in making that decision they said, that it any Russian athletes were thinking about participating in Rio but they had, all the Tribe had in the past but they would be excluded so he basically through under the bought a prominent with the blower David you'll get that but nope, who was, no caught cheating in the past, but she had come rebounded actually did a lot of information about the doping program in Russia that allowed the International track Federation to put it, report, it basically not going to be able to participate even though she was with the blower, meanwhile athletes from other countries, doping Pat in the past but who are apparently clean for the moment they will be allowed to participate so the International Olympic Committee put that incredible double standard into played so put a batter point on it, though the people that are going to watch and it went pick