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Listen: "He doesn't understand what it takes to be president"

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Michael Bocchieri
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This man who doesn't even understand that he doesn't understand what it takes to be president and i again let's go to mike in dorchester hate mike was going to it jimmy rarely on the would've from the recruiter i galit will board brown well assertion even that you all that people didn't show loaded with belief there's too many big other changed the game we don't go well but with twelve i think it went both and now border called one hundred couldn't do so you will change i wanted james okay wondered says underwood both club wade well a gold here one area do you to take a one changeover i would go cheered with local those goes well america butler is which of the and every get late go welcome immediate and both will get elected we don't have been pumping all so much easier the frick of where two for them there were a couple or one of the trip here and i like donald sloan i knew what would don't win what about tonight that did you see the debate didn't matter that does i deserve to london beauty raved about in the watts you are trying to bring in a glimpse of what will give joel and he did a good job okay well i can dorchester i appreciate tackle there's they'd thank you out every again soon if you're mike and you have a good day six one seven two five four ten thirty this mike is dumb they donald trump supporter and feels that donald trump did a good job tonight he is one of maybe for tonight and i'm glad to hear from because it seems that i don't know most of the supporters that used to call i'm not i don't know whether it's because they didn't change their mind well because it's just a bad time to call appeared donald trump guy and if you don't also person and you think well you know my guy he didn't do so well tonight but he's got a shot that it next time he's not down and out bounced count i like there's around and could you're right he did it even though he and the visible performance tonight is just one night a he could wind next week to week next debate and the debate after but also it may not matter that it was is debates because it's really not about the person in many ways so many donald trump supporters it's only about not being the status quo and and he could have given up man running for president and pitched jimmy awesome because you're not the status quo donald trump came along at the right time a lot of noise drown out his competitors in the primary.