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'There Will Be A Terrorist Diaspora' FBI Director James Comey Warns Congress

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Gabriella Demczuk
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That if i'm asking for your vote i should tell you what i want to do donald trump on fox as he went easy on hillary clinton i'm a hitter carter takeaways i you know it really is tough because it won't hurt anybody feel it president obama is assessment talking to ryan c crest on the radio everybody was watching the debate i think got a sense that you've got really sharply cobb first envisioned where we should take her country a dire prediction about future terrorism when isis does fall from ahead of the fbi fbi director james comey warned congress that when the isis calif eight does collapse hundreds of fighters could flood back to europe and beyond they will not all dion the battlefield in syria interact there will be a terrorist i asked for a some time in the next two to five years like we've never seen before we must prepare our cells and our allies especially in western your triggered front that threat commisso european country's must communicate better with the us to disrupt the flow of terrorists cammy mccormick cbs news the pentagon cedar rapids iowa may lockout thanks to an awful lot of hard work the cedar river make rest of foot lower than expected today lin county spokesman ryan.