Listen: "One o'clock Eastern Time, we'll be carrying the Peyton Manning press conference live"

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Ezra Shaw
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He was fitting there will be a Rocky Mountain high as well as they Rocky Mountain low monday morning Denver time eleven o'clock Denver time one o'clock Eastern Time will be carrying the Peyton Manning press conference live right here on Phoebe as sports radio in Honestly I don't know of one Sports Network whether TD or radio that it's going to be character I have it's a big deal eighteen years in a career that has spine numerous records historical numbers two Super Bowl titles five and DP award twenty fed then playoff games most passing yards of all time most passing yards and if even most touchdown passes in a career most career wins including the postseason I could go on and on and on but numbers only tell part of the story for any athlete numbers only tell part of the story we will hear from Peyton Manning on Monday morning in Denver how will you remember him fifty there may be controversy now the NFL is still investigating the report that his wife allegedly took a H. D. age the supplements under her name to give her husband they were delivered to the mating home for her for her husband use I'm not sure yet to prove that but that's the report now do Fear the began a fellow still investigating and then of course B regurgitate shin of the story from ten a fait twenty years ago again a story that we may never know what actually happened who believed.