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Listen: Well charts help me prepare because you're writing everything down

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Doug Pensinger
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Well charts help me prepare because you're writing everything down an their fast accessed information to once again said alright third question from Mike if you have been loss Angeles which of the three possible teams would you be rooting for two con tally three have thi Rams Raiders and Chargers of all officially applied to move to Los Angeles by Week 1 of 2016 season that is the a really tough question which one would I be rooting for by Woods in LA resident some assuming a fan of LA sports and one and it seemed to come there so I guess will go based on just what the team with the potential for the teams we did the Raiders you look even a team that's closest a winning if you're looking to the team it's closes too challenging fur a playoff spot the Raiders started out like a house umpire they've got some really good young talent I love be Derek Carr to Martin Cooper connection that's one that I hope we Deceiver longtime they found their head coach now and Jack Del Rio He's really brought some stability and structure other defenses better this year they were hit a lot of games even though they didn't win enough to be about five hundred They were an really close games to so I would say the Raiders because I believe that they've got the brightest future indie Any not too distant future might not make it that I believe they have be best prognosis for any bright not so far down the road future than this into their tradition to right her greater show on turf was not about tradition no less okay Dawson ask which staying on the topic a football which many think is doing well yeah swimming is always which Pro Football radio announcer do you most enjoy listening to This could be in the past two I guess even though that was present as as he says.