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Listen: "After acquiring Byron Maxwell than Kiko Alonso the Dolphins released defensive"

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Jonathan Daniel
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I would still said the Redskins They have my vote going in giants made some good moves in all are yeah right to get the requiring Byron Maxwell than Kiko Alonso the Dolphins released defensive back rhymes whose wife Niku the very vocal she loves himself everybody after the move Maikel now threaten the Dolphins reporter with bullets that's when she tweeted that which is just ridiculous it to the reporter insinuate if he was partly to blame for the release so teams will shy away from signing the four time Pro Bowler because of his wife my answer inbounds No Doubt yeah use a distraction and you know what with all diverse backdown alike to dive into marriages it's not my place but Brent Grimes is not shown the ability to corral his wife yeah to the point where it's beginning to compromise his business as Green won the Puerto though I you know because aren't won the last thing you want is a distraction you don't want someones wife causing issues with teammates and that's that's what he did last year with the quarterback known as sort of thing is that you walk into the room announced the guys got beef with you because of your wife said you don't need to make its national media played come one meet go party in all out of together rested that's out of the Dolphins know who I am a might be on the you know who Wyatt was You don't matter when downtown with me Yes I know you are to those Cubs fit right some reports.