Listen: "Now you've got to go out there find yourself a quarterback"

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Brian Killian
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So I would trust in no way as as you aren't little bit nervous and I get it and I understand that and he can go out there and continue when the way that you war last game of the regular season against San Diego and in the post season because it makes you very very nervous in the defense can't go out there and have a big game tees off fence oblique epic it up and that's where they were a four under Peyton Manning is he had lost it so much physically he could not play the position the way that he wants stayed and it was great the way that he went out as a Super Bowl Champ but for John Elway now you've got to go out there find yourself quarterback Mark Sanchez is now in a good spot maybe cap break ends up in Denver I don't know where they go reportedly Fitzpatrick they do have interest they're the Summit said that they would not they do have interest in Ryan Fitzpatrick but what Fitzpatrick at his agents are looking for financially right now maybe a little bit too much or it is a little bit too much into Rich for the blow to both the Denver Broncos and the Jets but we sit here on this Sunday where Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking for sixteen eighteen million dollars a year Johnny man so I don't know where is partying last night is done with The Cleveland Browns and Robert Griffin the third as yet to find FL hole strange scene let's head out to Texas it's crisp it's CBS Sports Radio.