The Trial Of The (19th) Century: The Hoax, The Daughter And The Dead Duke

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so you have this Duke Andy he got a reputation mean he is very eccentric he's got these underground tunnels, he doesn't want to talk to people he doesn't want to be seen an eventually he dies andand I guess, if she is quite a while later NO Marie drew psst comes forward with eighty wild claim What did she say, well yeah exactly quite well he daddy guided may contention not alone into was he an this the ninety country justice for the beginning of the country it's a little old lady cold out every case comes to the coal providing claims that how far where you know he would do it very well name Baker street think this man's school Thomas Charles pace looks at City the same people put learn English Scott experimental I think anybody this Patriots con old of prop helping they could streak seat been another life as a vacancy businessman inafter likely got married and had children are not officially cliff expensive hard case became an everyone but even if they keep it got like Lenny guiding eighteen seventy nine without being night without having children and that will be entirely stages of well that far be had what we stand on tall signal from then when fear of in a very limited confident his who became the sixty-eight, and warns that it's it'll be this water Larry agree Franklin Street is an that actually defeat KP Todd effect and so I think that they could see fitness men of color tell strange that he got married and had shoulder and I love for an early it's thought awarded being the truth is all feeling that it is already BNP Colin million vehicles a great point they know what it's doing to the families in the country eighteen they have a good pretty Mexican physical race and how well this will be aggressive because and he did think he you know I could could gave been teams laid out he's not worried about their send it legally cares that actually could his very very here if you did any Peter prepare contempt we documents which I did, you see the eighteen anyway Great guidance yes he employed private investigative to investigate the case will find this quite it's this Qaeda which that's all the way decade idiot Julian pulled it one of the big aired case it was one of the headline you'd like and the city incarcerated decade created the twentieth century maybe Clyburn some difference means if anything from men too I think Vince they're not something like that and her time,