Listen: "There isn't any question, he was clearly the best running back"

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Norm Hall
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Coming up with earth who ultimately what I picked the close between math both he can Caylin and he very close to Moore amok start yeah you know at the end of the day when we rarely you know hurt I remember body out them and the sternest you know all the things that you know it might bring up the including controlling the football and when he met look at that should look who did so well two years ago if he can to open it in the fifth and eighth everybody bought into that in so it felt real good about that going in that direction when we ultimately decided because peak there isn't any question he wish clearly the best running back ten some so your the last eight or ten year of one of a handful of best running backs to appear in the draft over that time he set so well-rounded and I think that what looked good in Elmwood some great runners Adrian Peterson occurred late but if you get that actually bring the whole package including patch protection it was a why currently High School in those very tough to form spot Renton route and you know you're so well look around the player that that you know put him with a better quarterback like shown he can move him around stardom in the Backfield they got a respect him the tackles and then next but that with the Linebacker on him it creates you know we'll make matches which are quick to panic there Navy question will healthy role on a healthy Bryant This is a very potent looking offsets on the other side of that coin is the fairly significant trend over the last several years that the fence wins show role Ken all offense win a Super Bowl so I'm in August we thank their defense is probably better than its get credit but we played good defense years ago I wish you are on the field a lot we that players to that defense Sean Lee went down that the chance Byron Jones non that became as well.