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Listen: Bernie Sanders: "We are going to fight for every vote until June 14"

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Spencer Platt
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Who was a two places yesterday started the day in Atlantic City force the New Jersey primary June seventh that end of the day and Sacramento California will that be having the primary the same day there during her hand it would be a genius even a winced in West Virginia today he may wind there and either way whether you are a Bernie Sanders fan are not a seventy-four years of this dude is on fire main and the way he moves on like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is like seven places in one day endless energy right Atlantic City in the morning Sacramento in the evening that's that's allowed for seventy for their off and while that's going on you have some Congressional Republicans going public with their reservations about supporting Donald Trump But House Speaker Paul Ryan making more comment saying there's no point trying to fake party unity of course he's going to be meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday and then yet Pennsylvania senators how to me who's worried that a Trump run of may affect his time in The Senate reading this opinion piece saying that trumps a vote Garrett eight particularly towards women is appalling and they had double shut them self yesterday going after another eclipse in saying that she's using the woman card way too often she's playing the women's Guide do the Celtics she's going I mean i watched over the weekend that everything about grown man and Donald Braves just Lawrie's and you know it's all nonsense yeah and then Marco Rubio making it abundantly clear yesterday by the way he's not interested in being Donald Trump's vice president chill running mate the thought was that he was on the short list of people that don't come IPP considering alright coming up now five forty seven another check on Wall Street Ole Miss Tuesday morning back in for the box business network jolting can't do more to join them hey I'm hoping to grab he has a home that he have about one hundred points made it sound in negated yesterday I wanted to come out and we've got beat out bail out for April people were shopping in how he economic bag knew that it in the air I persistent disappointing Friday dropped aboard for their go up when up today gasket I don't wanna through a curve or you could but I just have to follow the story what what's is Panama the papers thing all about.