Listen: "According to Adam Schefter and other experts, the reason the Dolphins took the tag off is so they would get draft pick compensation"

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Marc Serota
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He just had that transition tactical off so the Dolphins have decided of earnings twenty-five years old they decided to go with thirty-four year old Cameron Wake and thirty-one year old Mario Williams and the twenty-five year old Olivier Vernon who was automatically now the best pass Rusher available hit the market aware of the Lions will do it for trillion dollars I pitcher Jacksonville goes and gets annoying not Jacksonville still has about eighty two million dollars per throw it whatever crap sit out there just to pick abysmal fact Jackson will go right after Vernon of course they wealth has barely according to Adam Schefter another experts the reason the Dolphins took the tag off is so they would get Draft pick compensation for losing him okay but still you let the young guy get away in the two thirty something pass Rusher stay one Who cares about but away the Cameron Wake is thirty-four amazes me Denton are talking about as early as crazy I can't believe he's not old alright so we will return in and we will find out what's going on with zero and Bertrand the only website Boston sports it's well and this is my passion of someone calling it a sports talk radio yeah and this is why longtime goal outburst I'm on and I just wanted to fade I think it'd have filled in hogwash not to go out and try to resume new draped all you could see all year coverage option at now you get rain championship rings and parades averting fighting options to that your budget but the main your price tool only at Progressive dot com you know not for nothing that my favor ranked of candy on them progressive casualty insurance hefty price uncovered match limited by State law this is the sound of the University of Phoenix doomed earning a business degree what you don't hear he's the University of Phoenix students studying in between ships it used to better him apartment while his children sleep but you don't hear is this student defying the odds to succeed shouldn't that student beat a candidate you take a longer look out universe city a Phoenix we rise learn more at Phoenix that he D hi I'm ready edge in a from all maybe the nineteen spring is here so it's time to demand knowing show yourself off to the world again and now maybe we got the L fifth of the season to taken from French to beats to board welcomed back and now through Sunday its old maybe spring break they'll the thousands of your favorite items on failed I can t shirts for five bucks you dresses than shorts from fifteen dollars price will wear from ten blocks so it this spring reconcile and run old maybe the three for three thirteen so excels only see.