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Country singing sensation from Australia Jane dumb, making the most of your Spring turkey hunt, you know before Robson customs at the Grand national road St. show, Trucker is winning a race with Hurricane Matthew, health chips for you when you're truck, twenty seventeen NASCAR changes and Productions, and a chance to win a one fourteen for many truck, or for those thinking big afford have to fifty super duty crew cab from cab scale, at rogue King dot com you'll also find and exciting digit mad version of the March April issue including dozens of links to videos photo Galleries, websites and more, gotta road King dot com click on the Cover, of course you can also pickup your hard copy, at any Tia or Petra look, W _D_R_C am W _D_R_C deaf them inch be very hard for w essentially tore into WWE sealed water varying W and them W married, are Connecticut, news radio I'm Tom Graham Chicago police making their first arrest in the wake of my gang rape live streamed on Facebook Fox's Carmen Roberts with details Chicago police are the fourteen year oh boy arrested is the first of several juvenile thirst thinking for the alleged rape of a fifteen year old, last month the teenager faces felony charges of aggravated crennel sexual assault and manufacturing and disseminated child Pernell Griffey police we're not even aware of the attack until the girls mother show them screen grabs of the video it's a case the caused uproar across the country because none of the dozens of people who watched the Braun. Asked, called believe Chicago police said to hold a press conference later this morning the Senate headed for a ten showdown over president from Supreme Court now many this week Democrats are threatening to filibuster now to date no well for tough filibuster are Supreme Court pick, has been successful, he time president Trump on leash you know Twitter storm this weekend blasting the so-called fade news media this goal is accusations about ties between Russian is campaign last year current adviser and former campaign manager Kelly and Conway coming to or bosses defense is creating job he's doing all these things that don't get cover speaking of Fox news and I think Americans this one enough, the, if the prizes being treated fairly unfair late in the coverage, they're comments and tweets come as the new Associated Press and or see center for a public affairs research poll shows more than half of the nation wants an independent investigation into Russian ties to president Trump and then there were two Monday's N.C. double a championship game as said as North Carolina prepares to take on Gonzaga after each have the number one, unseated teams advanced past the final four sacks coach Mark few I don't know that I can make a, a statement I would some up a how I feel, and be to describe that game comments afternoons out of olds of South Carolina seventy seven seventy three you're listening to Fox News Radio, and that list, can you tell if the Spurs urgency is bacteria that could goes CB failure. Listen, he can see it either, there's only one way to tell if you complete and poetry to a victory of killing temperature use of food thermometer it's not an extra step for a nice to have, we're all four hundred took me may contain that teary of they can make you very sick or worse, no one in six Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year and roughly three thousand will die, but you can keep your family safe or by using the food to monitor every time, learn more about this and other in porn information, check your stepped aside from safety dot com, that's food safety dot com, and the public service announcement brought to you by the US Department Of Agriculture in the US Department of Health and Human Services and The Ad Council, nearly two hundred or dad after what's been described as an avalanche of water floated a small City in Columbia, president say came in the middle of the night has to cause by surprise boxes Brian yen as we details Tebow station in Columbia after a landslide Ridge through the region and happen in the Southwest from border province a problem you money and debris crashing on the houses in the middle of the night heavy rains cause several research over flows sending money water and, three in the city streets toppling Holmes, ripping threes from their routes in sweeping away cars and trucks be area is tough between now and that the crocks of two Rivers making for a perfect storm of conditions to bridges were destroyed. Will residents say because of the mound his landscape of the region and a heavy rain season disasters like these are all too common the Red Cross is setting up a special unit to help in the rescue and recovered in New York Brian yes Fox news so South Korean cargo ship is missing your Uruguay oh South America's east coast after reportedly to, eighteen on water twenty-four crew members were on board closer to home technically spring it's Brown the other Nature's wasn't still winner for much doing when, had region digging out from as much as awful of snow beantown the boys a summer taking the field in three cities today for the first time since nineteen o nine a Major League Baseball season begins with the Chicago Cubs as reigning World Series champions Sunday night the Cubs play their first game of the new season the third game of the season opening triple header for and they'll be, was first pitch will be thrown in St. Petersburg Florida Sunday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Rays will host the New York Yankees second game Sunday San Francisco Giants visit the Arizona Diamondbacks and the prime time or in St. Louis where the Cardinals take on the defending World Series champion Cubs three-game Sunday twelve more Monday, does that Jared Max they're gas prices taken a for drivers this week in Tripoli reports three so entire this week the last I'm Tom Graham, the story, , there was a time when a conversation about politics didn't have to the ball to continue calling him yelling these days it seems that in order to talk about the news Pollock fix anything really you have to pick aside and argue for it no matter what there is still a place personal discussion headset is as a place for the bauble exchange ended. Made of idea, you know, join me week days after Brad save ten for headsets on the top of Connecticut eight eight eight five seven four two seven to three we'll talk about the latest local and national knew what are politicians are doing right and wrong the latest pop culture happen and life in general everything is fair game you're about matter her welcome anytime a difference in the paint, in isn't a bad but I think I got something wrong tell me will Tom like people did no need for yelling or party lines just normal every day conversation let your boys b_r eighty eight eighty five seven four, to seven to three headset, after Brad Davis tendon Monday through Friday on the talk of Connecticut, now, from Dallas, the Red Eye Radio, , a lot of of everything from Popovich, social issues, for the week of her, whether your, wait for your your starting your day, welcome to the show, , all across America eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six nine to run I'd be is earn Harley nine Jerry McNamara welcoming good morning, I just I love that, Michael more tweeted the other day, yeah, the Tweet in this story ends in the near future will mark today March twenty-eighth, as the day the Phoenix things for the human life honored began, the names to Donald Trump, and some of the responses were great, well Michael the not how did the history in survive. , but but but yeah on it, what, , that's right, I will, it's the end of the there may be, I never Mike, , I've never money it's like, the additional the History Channel, and and I was to one Sean I went what's the use and it was, AP what was recalled after humans Yeah yeah I think it's something like that and I thought first of all you guys are trying to jump off of the Will Smith movie and you can do that because, that was a good movie, they did another one called, , after Earth which was, and so great it was the, so if I think the one he did with, with a zombies over the what I think there, oh yeah yeah yeah because of the zombies and the the the but the moment the iron legend, right to read they didn't come up with a cure for cancer, right that, that we worked one hundred percent, there was a small side effect, , , was we think recover then there are good so good, and I'm just one of I'd against good knows, we have we're going to be able to cheer your helmet, now just as well, I don't here's here's the directions in your prescription here in the course nope aside affect their that are going to be is on the hey I have a good day yeah I didn't affected infected I think led ninety my persona population but right percentage in a Will Smith was one of those and it for some reason he was a mean when. To be you know to becoming a you know the zombie, and yet was right after that really it was really right, you've got to move it was, and I'm so by it you know it's a great movie, that it's just it's so well done because and this is kind of what I'm light, about the walking gut, and it kind and jump the shirt, it's going on a little bit given, I'm not the comma book fan but a lot of people are in that that thing but it is the okay, if it all goes down right for whatever reason another and whatever way I mean this is got over the top stuff with that, it is obvious but it really doesn't matter what the problem is it's like the, and of the world or or the or the system or a massive systematic collapse for that kind of thing, but we don't have to you know go that far even, and it's just a matter collapse talk about like an illness or Nick and airborne, you know some kind of, you know by a weapon that the the, you know that the, and they might have and its which is interesting, because I'm I click over to and I don't know if it was not she'll or discovering, and I mean and you're right and you know it's it's not the beginning so, I come in and apart were a guys things see, when you know when the enemy disperse this this this bio weapon. What will happen is the sport's will duplicate, you know by the second and so they will and then all of a sudden the air will not be breed want to get oh my gosh what are we, we talk I'm here because is this like you know what can happen what terrorism you know sometimes sooner they could, they enemy in that case was going to be aliens from another planet, and it was going to be a type of by a weapon that they basically kind of made up it wasn't, anything on its Earth right now and I thought okay you guys know you, you can actually talk about by a weapons but they don't often charge talking about again and science fiction I thought, wait wait a minute, the Will Smoot the Smith movie, probably had the, a greater level of reality than what these you know people on discover yours or that she or whatever was we're talking about, but when we start thinking about this, post-apocalyptic you know thing, you know it it becomes very interesting, but the whole, what was it after Earth, sheer ears and and I think whether maybe a mini yeah after humans series was, _O_C what will happen as they did the plants will grow open the pillars of no one will care that that no one, here and oh when and I watched the one episode I was ever arm maybe have been went, I don't care we're gon. Well you know it, they could have done in an like as a part of the something else what what the big blow marble well come all that there will be anybody around to the to care about that we weren't supposed to like it it wasn't main free you when me it was made for the people, the that the climate change Fanatic's, who believe, that the earth will only be pure in good once human beings are completely obliterated and therefore and then beat human right be nothing Rice Cuban mother Earth can be what was there for not understanding that were parts, I'm Mother Nature but, you know what that that's going to be lost on them but that's for that's was my explanation when I was twenty one time, after a couple of adult beverages to some people who were laughing like crazy as it but I know there's a purpose of it and I think that was right after, I talked about why the NBA is so popular liberal cities, with a announcer public address announcer screams and yells it you and everything else in tells you wondered sure Hunter because Liberals believe you're an idiot all that it was one of those, roles and I was having almost like I was due instead of comedy in that was part of it but, but, we love I'm legend because, , we all have those great question is what would you do, and will are you prepared ever and something and and Will Smith there's a had actually figured out yeah everything from everything the stored in the house all the eleven or generators lined up to way be he walked in the house but first time remember earning took that judging he started pointed outside then walked ten. And you want it what he por on all that has to be some kind of, has to be some kind of Animal you're in that he's putting up there So the zombies can figure out where he is right it takes away the humans trends and so when you think of a little details relied, that's really Coleman closing all, you know the way locked all the windows and everything else and made it so no light could see pouted everything had a goal off and he's got is gun there in the bad, kind of like me going to bet everyday yeah I mean it was it was that was I, I think that's why we enjoyed because there's a great sense of, not only terror what it would be like but also how would you prepare how how how would you prepare could you fully prepare and and psychologically how you dealing with that when he went we and we went to you know pick up the, was it was who picking up, via justice are dvd's, remember when we got really going and and pick up different movie, he would I was just go to the video is owed All-Star and what the ball put up a walk in and all these man again Siemian I'm placed and he would talk to the man against and you wonder if there were no humans around would you talk, you know to Manic ins and things like that and I would've always said no because you know I've. I've, in my radio travels always lived alone in you know I could not talking to didn't bother me for you know fight but home in didn't talk for an entire day unless a phone rang I was fine with that but now that I have a cat I talked to the cat all the time I'm always vocal eyes of, it is the time that I'm I'm like debating was someone on T.V. you know from watching you know whatever I'll scream underwater I don't know I I could be quite right, stop I don't allies in until I honestly of their Americans like a do it by the way speaking of that, you know with this just remind I'm expose talk about you talking to Mike out I want to make this, very clear in North Carolina apparently legislators made a deal, and the transgender bathrooms don't know what it is, I saw the story nobody knows what the deal is why don't as well Robert early will sit letter tell you know what it is and I figured out the problem that I have I believe in privacy for everybody I really do I believe in privacy in the reason is because, of the cap that I rescued about three months ago has now become a calf I've never had been a pet owner never wanted to be a pet owner, but rescue Duquette that was also either worker everybody knows they visit the cab is you know you know the Cavs. We all know the catch cause you can't was offside for what three months, and, I realize was yesterday and I was going to find a my ensures dying, I said, I know I have a pro I I know why have the opinions I haven't transgender bathrooms because I believe in privacy because every time I can't goes to the automated kid who later in terms running looks at me and like get out here lieby alone, and then I have to walk away, otherwise we just sit there and stare at me and won't go into the kidding later, until I walk away, and I'm thinking to myself, I'm concerned about giving it kept privacy, how do you know what he's bearing what he's actually bearing in the can deliver it might have like, no some your valued possession no because it's all filtered out afterwards it's all filtered I have a I haven't automated to deliver that works graded and was ready for you do that then then he was a Gary's out in Gary's inside also it could be mean you're my cats dealing from me, so yeah so I don't just kind of if I'm concerned with a cat having their privacy and than definitely I'm concerned about the privacy of human beings, so if you wonder were against right get a from just everybody not, single stuff, for the for the cap, yes it to, yeah, in other news, and Trump administration a single signaling to Congress it would seek mostly modest changes. To the North American Free Trade Agreement and upcoming negotiations with Mexico and Canada really, according to administrative, then missed ration draft proposal be in circulated in Congress, Bobby us trade representatives office the US would keep some of Baptist most, controversy all provisions to people that are protection assume including in arbitration panel but let's investors and three nation's circumvent local courts, to resolve civil claims critics of these paddle saving him pinch, I national sovereignty the draft reviewed by the Wall Street Journal talks of seeking to improve, procedures to resolve the disputes rather than eliminating the panels, the US also would not using after negotiations to deal with disputes or performed currency policies, or to hit numerical targets for bilateral trade agreements okay, , they said they want to put in enough and apparently Quinn wanted this to in him after originally, which would be the draft proposal calls for allowing him after Nation three him to to reinstate terrorists, in specific cases, in case of a flood of important cause serious injury or, trend of serious injury basically living at open should to domestic industries well yeah I mean it's it's like , what like we do a steal but then again most of time you don't do those because of it actually does, hurting industry or you believe it hurts a twelve point when you need to put a terrifying it's guy Rockets the cost of goods in services so much but you wonder perverse you know terse in a short period time anyway so to me that's almost symbolic that okay we're still going to keep this. Safety valve here, it if I think we need to do something will do something on right, the draft could be revised administrator mustard Congress ninety days notice under trade LA beef before beginning, formal, after read negotiations it's far from clear the Canada Mexico were greeted those changes, that the the us at six, you know we had talked about this couple weeks ago that, of financial times, it an article talking about the fact that the free traders we're winning inside the White House, right but the free traders were, if it in the protection ascend and you and I've always talked about this, and and oh by the way And if you're motto rating here there's no way they can agree to the twenty percent, border adjustment tax, because if you do that against Mexico one and Canada there will be retaliation there will be a trade work right that's the one thing that some amazing that, the Republicans are proposing the twenty percent border adjustment tax and we're actually early on a promotion say no, because this isn't the typical terror, nation's won't react and also the European union meets may go border we ever going to react to Bay do something like that, they do something like that we're getting ready to above and remember, it was a became up to the day that the your opinion in came out and said, no we were there was like drugs had a Trump victory. European union staged they won't just go towards free market goals or yeah because are ready to retaliate against a Trump administrator shin if they put terror San or border adjustment Texans not a victory, so how does Trump changes mind, how does that happen if this is this is true how does Trump, outta rated to the point where, the things that are in there are just well Capers an emergency here, we want to have a little bit more power here or there, why are they're just modest changes ten after, winning eight campaign that it is you know basically the worst agreement with cover side, destroyed everything and we need to get rid of a completely or renegotiated with major changes that that make it so every us industries are are favored which of course you would never have a free Trade Agreement if you did that, which meant the message was We will destroying after, what changed his but, because mine spend change what changed it, only one for that, he's got to have economic growth, and so the pro free traders had an if if he's change convinced him, you are not going to have that can on a growth, and as he finds out it's gets tougher to put to the legislation that you wish to put through it's not easy, to go to the legislator process, learn set with health care, texas that also coming up down the pike, is that the fact that it that there are Look look this is one thing but you have a tremendous number of I'm I'm out of control on your freed up energy if you get attacks proposal here focus on the tax proposal that will help corporations. And it if you do this with free traded new do this thing with terrorists, you're not going to get that three percent remember they're talking, they're now talking four percent growth, there's same three, oh closer to four percent growth was what we want, there's no when you get to three percent growth if you win act, the type of terse but they he was originally talking about, eight six six ninety right I loves truck tire Care Program is helping drivers stay on top of their cause for mile and reduce downtime, Eric Roth an error Daniels from loves tell us more we started chart tire care back in two thousand a we'll their first one and Hitchens Texas we now have two hundred and thirty six all of those stores together make up a fantastic network are pricing structure it's fair number one in never to its national so you can be in Pennsylvania our California and the, price is the same the matter what the best part about it is the warranties the same two so we're always going to take care of you know matter what location his top of him the opportunity there is to make sure that you know we can service any fleet that's out there with Lee tire that we have or that Fitz, they're specifications but then also that an owner operator can be able to come in and, purchased something that one is a great value to it's got a good Warranty this behind it and three they can get it take care of anywhere in United States We run twenty-four seven dispatch if it's something that we can handle on one of our shots can get it done for you were going to push an touches someone the Cam from one loves truck tired care log on to loves dot com this main then step as a service. 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Others willing to polls all week at our Facebook and Twitter page as AP the posters of court, it's right I Radio eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety run I he's, Eric Harley I'm Gary McNamara coming up on the bottom of the hour we will have aro audio kind of the day and it's a good one and I was just, speculating with you same pile you know when she said this than, and this all has to do with the whole Russian, illusion, and I've seen audio cut that actually came out in March early March, and the oh he gives it was it was on the some is he sold nobody knew it was there I mean it was almost like a was hidden or secretive are, even even more sugar the wow, believe you know as well going to say yet, based on what she said no way she was talking, it sounded like she was it around talk was from friends so we we will get to that coming up here in, in then just a little bit yeah so, with the Wall Street Journal article coming out to this, and and again this isn't new financial times talked about, it when it came to who's winning the battle inside the White House again all MCL you for free trade vs. protection is I'm, vs. terrorists and the financial time said it looks like it's going in the direction the free traders. Now with what the administration is presented to Congress, as where they may be headed when it comes to renegotiating after Wall Street Journal claims of, very very you don't very modest about proposals and all not at all anything like the dismantling of of day after, so it's going to be interesting to see how that is, you know, received as I said it always came down to, somebody convincing Donald Trump, you've got to have economic growth well and it kind you've with out question if you don't I'm economic growth everything fails and anybody aside had a convince from the when he was asking me the question you know what we were asking the question when he was staying during the the campaign season, that he wanted to really go shape Now after what would you change about a specifically we have start again and again and again still don't know we haven't been told to separately, what would you re negotiate about now, we give you some of, small examples Airman but again that's just prefers position havre out on right, , , this is all the Bears director jumbo camp for new you can use of all week long check help you won't winning for the people every Sunday morning are podcast it now on our station website there's no better feeling than helping up had who needs some tender loving care, is is Andy see Connecticut tidy void asking you to support the Shelter Path at the Connecticut he remains society were second chances are given. This E.T. human dot org infielder faces of some of those who are up for induction in Ewing ten Waterford and my sport, based Pettine you and maybe you need them you're London generosity heels the ones of our for Murray friends inside and out, is it, you main dot org and faith, news radio I'm Carmen Roberts, the Thunder stars today Tuesday on Supreme Court nominee Neal or such before a final confirmation, hill Gore such must first when a procedure will move in the Senate that right now requires sixty yes vote snow Supreme Court Justice never been stopped with a partisan Fillibuster, that is obviously what the Democratic leader has announced they will the Senate Republican later Mitch McConnell has hinted any rules change of Democrats blocker confirmation vote for Gore such Fox's Jarrett helper and Democrats so the other option choose of different nominee in Columbia South America, Cruiser searching for hundreds of missing people after an avalanche of water and debris swept through a city yesterday, it has been threatening to happen for some time up at the top there are unstable areas but there's took us by surprise at least one hundred ninety three dead Fox news, four, , , even though the game is our home and we have so much to be Brown including great local companies that started and thrive right here internet again get to know can managers homegrown companies and keep it Connecticut messed craft, he has and we only. 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The American Trucker marketplace connection with thousands of buyers and sellers across the country man that perfect drug you're looking for, to go this another issue of American Tracker Magazine to receive your free copy go to tracker dot com and sign up, , , one, it's a ninety read, Gary McNamara and their record taking your goal, is on the Red Eye Radio, and he is Eric Harley I'm Gary McNamara eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety Red Eye, which has been a, I don't have a problem with my voice astronomy crazy today, anointed but Miller has done or came from, so there you go eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine if you'd like to get in eight six six nine day at read right, so interesting day that we had yesterday, when you think about it when it came to the whole Russian spying, yeah of, situation here, and, spilling the beans, and this really got interesting yesterday winning Fox news who is Obama Administration officials were spilled the beans, who is it, and those, who was this person, it was his first than the former Obama Administration official admitted earlier this month, that are former colleagues tried to secretly gather intelligence on Presidents from his team, was no low-level staffer, have a link parkas was once considered the most senior policy officer for Russia, within the Pentagon, and she is now apparently defending the league so the been coming out of the Trump White House. Now an and that's nbc's analyst, and a shame your fellow at the Atlantic console parkas has advised, three secretary so defense on Russian policy according to a senior defense official quoted in political, she has served on the council for relations on the Senate arm services committee among others, and was executive director of the commission on the prevention of weapons amassed just Russian, proliferation in terrorism, in two thousand eight in two thousand nine, in an appearance on M_O some be shaved earlier this month, the first week of March, parkas said, that, when talked about her role, in the efforts to collect intelligence on Trump's team, aaron their alleged ties to Russia, in the Obama Administration's final days, I was urging might former colleagues in frankly speaking the people on the hill, get out as much information as you can parkas said adding that her big fear, was it up Trump staff respond out, how we knew what we knew, about their, the the Trump stab dealing with the Russian's that they would try to compromiso sources and methods, mania we would no longer have access to that intelligence, at the end of the interview, Parker said we have good intelligence on rusher, that's why you have the leaking people are worried, parkas was responding to a report, in many our time suggesting that the Obama administration rush to preserve intelligence about, Russian, election it had game, that's in quotes by the way, right, , , are just notably sure there's depth is system secretary before of defense. For Russia Ukraine, and Eurasia under President Obama and parted ways with the White House, in twenty fifteen, and for some five years I may be I'm going to bait about how to respond to rushes role, in the unfolding conflict in your Crane parkas reportedly supported Ukraine's request for weapons tough fight against Russian back rumbles the White House up in said to send it millions in lethal eight that, on May six twenty-four team parkas told the son of former relations committee the rushes actions threatening to upend the international peace, and that we had our allies of work to build since the end of the Cold War, news of a resignation, broke just over a year later at the end of September of twenty fifteen, , it was on September twenty-eighth two thousand fifteen the president Obama and the Russian President Vladimir prudent, Matt on the sidelines of the United Nations general assembly in New York, at the time is senior us defense official said parkas his departure was not related to a policy dispute, and that she was leaving her jobs after five years, for an outside opportunity, in government, firkus would go on to serve as foreign policy advisor, for democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, telling the New York earlier this month and she thought Clinton God it, when it came to be issues, regarding of Russia, , firkus has been calling for an independent does division to allege ties between Russia and the Presidents team for some time. Because it's part of what the government, this opens up the whole all, now has to the whole ball game as to, so what you're saying is there was surveillance, of, the Trump campaign during that you know the the Trump campaign not to transition team, but the campaign during that time right because, you're tell me that since the middle January, but that's only when he, I'm sure made her not Miller general good but Sims fate bit November, just November that you that's where you find out about all these information well, that's not a campaign anymore don't, and so what with a, is what just did what does it mean what the tie he's main, what exactly was information you what I've said this, from the very beginning of the show today, that when we for example, we'll speak for solves a nobody else we would have for Hillary Clinton, we told you precisely what lot she broke, as anybody accused Donald Trump breaking a law, has anyone accused also repeated again as anybody accused Donald Trump, a breaking ball off, well and, the what when you look at the I guess all the in the coverage of all this the only thing you're hearing ears, of the other day it was it was you know it was pointed at Nunez than and that is all see this is what the cover up over crime looks like of what crowd what crime no one's pointed to a natural crime here. They released information, about Michael Flynn and his comfort conversation on December twenty ninth, , so, point to the actual crime, and where are, it was committed, no one has done that no one's been, the with the New York Times, the two big liberal publications SJ, out of everything that they have done, still no clues right, nope no clue shin concerning the election whatsoever, and is or illusion of or what is collision main, what you're definition of collision, we talked a Tucker Karlsson had the do Congressman from Wisconsin on, the other day and said all yeah when you see the top eyes when you see what they were talking about that but collision collision over what, and they agreed on policy right and that's what he said well you know they they talked about the the sanctions and things like that will so after they run power they talked about, the Sam should have so they were like they're get after they were elected, then that they talked about the fact will, yeah well we'll we'll see what we can do about sanctions and there maybe a different policy, when when we're and when a cunt comes to sections here we might consider, you know I'm doing up but you know we can influence for goes all right now there's a different Minnis ration, that is up a lot breaking is or something, illegal again said look when we we brought up we know exactly one Bill Clinton met on the tarmac. We get turning general of the United States we know what the crime was right we had define did and and look at the Lawn said this is what it is, what crime has Donald Trump broke what is the actual app for all this was very in Washington, what, it is the alleged, crime, or wrongdoing, where is it, , I mean surely, surely you've come to the table with oldest noise, and you can pointer something right, I mean it's not like weren't a quarter lawn you even have to prove it, just point to act What's up what we have said but what we're St. Worsley source Alex, where, liberal publication, that has a sore story sources say the Donald Trump clue did with Russia, to have the election we're is that story, we're so story Donald Trump Cole loaded, with the Russian president and said if you help me get elected I will, Shaw from the sanctions against Russia yeah where's Revello Gase should words horses or is a, , and that's the case, and those allegation, there was even the allegation which then turned out to be the truth, we stand here right with the people that would be opposed, to double doing that without question of them, but we don't even have the allegation there's an even an allegation that has come out yeah, , just Russians, he's, what is it made, and then we talk about a story, which everyday is at the top of the news. And nobody has any idea, what the story actually is, what is the story what what is the entire point what what what what, signed to proof what is the point of all the investigation, Russian ties for what, over why when she allegation, overall is there any wrongdoing year nobody is said, well we have phone sources tell us wrong doing was done here here you're you're right you're in here, , nothing, this is all that they broke this is the wall but they possibly broke, and here's what point to that they can't they're not even pointing to it all was like Nunez, that's a got to cover up, ventaja y to cover prime want him, exactly which crime is it doesn't, I don't just this is just as she what's going on here yeah it's it's Smells fishing but this was, this is right now, this is, where the left she's themselves, or maybe where they find themselves, when they've got nothing well one a guy that they hate so much I mean this specific president but they hate so much and they can't get anything what do you do, you just, pro stuff out there and, keep all of this, doubt, right hanging over, everyone's had eight six six nine zero seven three three three not if you're like to get in eight six six ninety right, coming up, more with Gary McNamara and the regularly, it's read on the radio, listen to Red Eye Radio for ever you are with our free out for your Android black very for iPhone. 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