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Listen: "Move Blake Griffin and replace him with Durant"

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Stephen Dunn
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If he opportunity comes to move Blake Griffin and replacing what the rent the Clippers won't hesitate won't hesitate according to sources Then he well well and he says teams are calling the Ministry from this article teams recalling on Griffin trades now but Clippers president coach Doc Rivers seems determined a play out the year with Griffin and see how for the team advances in the playoffs Eventually the Clippers would then determine how intrigue the door rant might be in becoming 3 with Chris Paul de Andre Jordan of the Thunder I was thinking and Ellis was kicked derailed before what's the Thunder in Oklahoma right misses a you know Blake Griffin their young when guys twenty-six one who's 20 so much a school send in there and then say the direct you come here and will give you a new contract obviously would do it at his contract but the Thunder are resisting assigned in trade deal until the very end until their sure they they still think they have a shot at keeping the rent But Griffin they Oklahoma native could be a fascinating part of the scenario thisin in this article which is fascinating a little bit of Russian roulette you put yourself and running the Thunder right now I mean you think about the Dodgers we talked about this they're in a trade deadline with Green key I'm the one who said that explore other opportunity because you're gonna lose its asset others in the same spot Chris they don't know they have a pretty big they have educated guessing Kevin Durant is gonna walk after ended the year if in fact you you know that at some point this year then opportunity to get a Blake Griffin signed already a few more years honest contract locked up to come deals somebody that Oklahoma fans will absolutely loved have back in the state worry went the college I mean you have to think about this Chris is this is exactly what we've been talking about do what's right fewer organization not what's right you're heart and the fact that this this punching incident takes the Clippers off the hook because play groupers A.J. good so what do you do what you do in singles listen well well we have this incident here they gotta we got us or down but I'm interested in that in that step Currie and I know they have to move some things around Golden State I mean they're already practically unbeatable I thought the Spurs were some teams Cleveland would which would stay close with this year and it looks like they were just Bowman be on and then there's there's Golden State then there's everybody else fighting to get into that next point so But if the Warriors and a kid obviously openly talk about the ran on the rocker then will be tampering but those in the low wanna get according to some recovers illegals talked a sources of has people and the right circle others appeal their to say at somebody like him and they could rearrange some things they have Golden State.