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Listen: "Six trying Michigan State clashes with that Ohio State Buckeyes team that's been"

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Joe Robbins
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Six trying Michigan State clashes with that Ohio State Buckeyes team that's been very good of late winning four in a row in six of the last seven here's parties head coach come is up Tony is first talent wise are very good in the other surprising thing with young team credit to bad the event and one of the best defensive teams in the league so they've always been a very efficient often some team that's wavered here but didn't always been a good defensive team and they're still that tonight's game set to tip-off at nine the full Tiger roster going through its first workout to Spring Training today in Lakeland at this early stage of camp pitcher Anibal Sanchez says in addition to getting ready for the upcoming long season also right now about getting to know your team that's earlier like you know I try to meet everyone you know like that what kind of person and bid and now because I've been in which they want with which he may better it up Grapefruit League play will begin for Sanchez the Titans we from today when they take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in Lakeland while talking to supporters of the banquet last night in making Georgia new Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Kirby smart admitted that having Big Ten teams like Michigan pull practices during Spring break in southern states like Florida but I give those Big Ten teams are recruiting advantage that really doesn't sit all that well with officials of teens in the FCC from the ticket update desk I'm told your team's for more but in nineteen seventy one the ticket dot com with White right Anderson on ninety seven one relief for the sport speed meeting why they don't like it as opposed to calm breaks.